Helping minimise your personal tax liability

Tax time is always a pain, no matter how simple or complex your return. And if it is simple, you may be tempted to do it yourself or hand it over to a non-specialist who may well be good with numbers but unaware of the latest tax regulations.

Like all heavily regulated bodies, the Taxation Office makes frequent changes that only an expert can keep up with. That leaves a number of possible traps: unclaimed deductions, recently disallowed ones, changing limits and altered reporting criteria.

If you’re running a business, your personal tax return can become really complicated. How much salary should you be paying yourself. What deductions are allowed?

You also need to work out Fringe Benefits Tax, capital gains, the tax implications of trusts, share trading, depreciation schedules, whether personal assets (eg, laptops) are used in your business, and take into account home-office allowances and other variables that may affect your situation.

When you take a good long look, it can all become very complicated very fast. Which is exactly why you need the help of the fully qualified taxation specialists at Advice Centre. They leave no stone unturned to help you keep every dollar you are legally entitled to.

Add the peace of mind we provide, along with a strong working relationship with the Taxation Office, and your personal finances will become worry-free and easier to manage than you ever thought possible.

Our personal tax services

  • Preparation and lodgement of your return
  • Ensuring the accuracy of your Fringe Benefit Tax
  • Tax planning and minimisation strategies
  • Advice about income and capital gains tax, rental properties, share trading and GST
  • Liaison with the Australian Tax Office on your behalf
  • Income tax returns for
    • Individuals, personal and investors
    • Individual and partnership in business
    • Trusts
    • Self managed superannuation funds

Self Managed Super Made Easy

If you find your self managed super fund (SMSF) to be a minefield of complex regulations and requirements, you’re not alone.

Your Advice Centre Wealth Solutions Specialist will help you get through the minefield of complex regulations and requirements – where the potential for costly errors is huge.

The potential for costly errors is huge — which is why it pays to get expert help from people who fully understand the traps and are fully up to date with the latest amendments and obstacles. That’s exactly what your Advice Centre team offers.

Your Advice Centre Wealth Solutions advisor will help you sort out the complexities, ever changing compliance requirements and up-to-date taxation strategies to make your SMSF as effective a financial tool as possible.

Whether you are at the beginning of your business career or planning for retirement, we’ll help you take and keep control of your self managed super fund.

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